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Month: December 2017

Comprehensive Insurance Products by AIG Malaysia

AIG Malaysia seemed to be actively serving the nation with comprehensive insurance & risk management solutions in accordance with their individual & small business needs since 1953. Presently, there is a large workforce including enthusiastic brokers and agents operating in at the very least 15 offices nationwide by main objective to support clients to the maximum standard of care.

AIG’s Range of Products

With the knowledge that there is nothing more significant than protection and assurance when coping with the uncertain future, AIG Malaysia gives a wide range of solutions that happen to be appropriate for both business and personal needs.

Car Insurance & More Personal Insurance Plans

Having a property registered under one’s name can be terrifying without insurance policy cover when it causes a substantial loss if the unwanted happens. Hence, the Malaysian government makes it mandatory to purchasing insurance whenever individuals pick a car or perhaps a house. On the insurer’s side like AIG, they generally do their thing by making sure the customers are fully covered from many kinds of risks which is usually commonly relating to cars and homes.

Nonetheless, one of the most precious things people will have is their own health and well being. Whilst it tends to turn into a challenge for insurers like AIG to educate the people over the needs to purchase medical insurance, it has now seen a steady increase in the number of purchases made caused by the hassle they have which is designed to create awareness.

As a result of a sturdy economic growth and cheaper traveling costs across nations, individuals travel more for both business and leisure. Making “let us “jaga” you on your trip” their tagline, all AIG wanted to do would be to supply you with a complete insurance plan to ensure that individuals can travel with a confidence, bearing that in mind that they have it all covered.

Public Liability Insurance by AIG

Public Liability Insurance & Other Enterprise Solutions

AIG also offers a corporate risk management package that’s generally specially crafted to meet up with demands from companies. From casualty insurance to public liability insurance, marine insurance, manufacturer’s warranty insurance, and multinational business linked insurance, companies could have a tailor-made subscription plan this really is sufficient to shield them from a possibility of losses throughout the operation.

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Businesses from manufacturing, banking institutions, transportations, import & export, retail, and the media & technology sector can eventually have the benefit of this custom made plan. Nevertheless, there has never been an oversight on the needs of SMEs. Acknowledging that small enterprises will require protection too, AIG has therefore offered SME Package to interested businesses.

AIG’s Direction

Hence, customers that happen to be interested in more information about AIG Malaysia’s insurance and risk management offerings can visit their site to acquire details on nearby agents to arrange a face to face meeting. To customers who like a straight-forward approach, they are able to simply demand a quote on the website and provides relevant information making sure that assessment is possible.

Recently, AIG Malaysia has gone further to embrace e-commerce since they make their insurance subscription on Lazada Malaysia. This should ultimately bring convenience to subscribers as they are able to have their insurance activated in a matter of 3 days, in fact, it is considered as a creative method for reaching out to the target audience electronically.