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The 5 Employees You Need On Your Team

It is every HR professional’s dream to hire a perfect employee. Unfortunately, the ‘perfect employee’ doesn’t exist. Every employee has their strengths and weaknesses, and this is where teamwork comes into play.

The key is to build a team that works together despite the differences. By lending each other’s strength and helping those in need, you can increase the productivity and performance of your organization.

Below are the types of employees you need to hire to build a strong team that will overcome any obstacle. Once you recognize which member is missing from your group, be sure to start your search at JobsDB.

employers employees you need jobsdb

The initiator

Driven by their motivation and interest, initiators aren’t content with a system of assignment and execution. Unlike employees who need constant suggesting or directing, this type of employee will start their projects and present new ideas to execute. Having employees who are initiators are beneficial as they will set a tone of independence for the rest to follow.

The goal-getter

Rather than feeling intimidated by a challenge, goal-getters are enthralled by it. This type of employees is highly motivated to deliver and often thrive in marketing and sales environments. The goal-getter is always encouraging others to achieve their targets and makes sure they do.

The positive agent

Even when things don’t go the way as planned, the positive agent will always look at the bright side. This type of employee will never let negativity get the better of them, and will spread the positivity to others. In stressful working environments, negativity can decrease morale, that’s why a handful of positive agents is essential to keep your team staying positive.

employers employees you need jobsdbThe voice

This type of employee isn’t afraid to express his feelings and thoughts even when the opinions might not always be positive. For honest feedback, you can always count on an employee that is the voice. Their habit of speaking out will also cultivate an environment of open collaboration and discussion.

The backup

In an ideal world, employees will divide workloads equally among themselves and help each other if needed. However, this doesn’t happen in reality, which is why employees like the backups are essential to a team. They have a strong sense of teamwork and wouldn’t mind going the distance to help others. Their spirit will inspire others to aid other members who are struggling, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone.

Check out other good employee qualities in the video below!


Having a team with the right members will improve the performance of the organization and propel it to the direction of success. Employees with these traits are hard to come by and should be rewarded.

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