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Find Your Top-Notch 2019 Smartphone

The Features To Look at

Every person can relate, whether it is time for a brand new smartphone, it seems like easier than it really is. Lots of brands and they all have multiple models, but apart from the fancy color, there’s a lot of ideas to take into account when evaluating the most suitable smartphone. We offer you with the right great tips that you can bring to mind when pruchasing a smartphone.

Operating System

Operating System. You’ll find mainly 2 types of OS – Android & iOS. Based upon users, iOS is generally easy to use, but Android provides more personal preference. So that you can manage to utilize the latest apps first, select iPhone. However, when searching for more hardware option, just like Vivo, Huawei, or Oppo, then Android is almost certainly to select.

Screen Size

Screen Size. Choosing the right screen size matters. Aside from that they determine the particular experience you will get when playing online games and watching videos, but bigger screen will also mean bigger phones. While large screens might appear to provide lots of the good things, it will certainly be annoying whenever you can’t fit them in the pocket as you go along.

Display Quality

Display Quality. For starters, you need to know that bigger screen does not always mean better display. Due to the fact, for display, the color quality and screen brightness may appear far more important compared to the screen resolution itself. So, pay extra attention once you get you hands on any smartphone at a shop.

vivo nex


Camera! One of our smartphone’s main function is to capture and record what we want. Plus, it is obvious given that better picture quality gets you more post engagement. Do not be concerned about the megapixel, instead search for aperture and special features – for instance, Vivo Nex is included with dual camera that creates stunning images.

Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity. Now, better camera performance typically means two things. First, you are likely to take a substantial amount of photos and videos. Second, you’ll need a big space for storage with that. So, be certain that to consider smartphones with not less than 32GB of storage, for if it’s not, you will need to clear up your storage often.

Battery Life

Battery Capacity. How many times have we complained about battery endurance of our smartphones? Display size and long-hour use of the internet will invariably need a smartphone with great battery capacity. So, never settle with anything underneath 3,000 mAh, or you’ll just be be annoyed considering the frequent need to charge your battery.

More Features

Besides above features, there are a number more and it all relates to preference. Waterproof phones, wireless charging and face scanners, it is all possible nowadays. Think carefully about what you wish along with what you must have in the smartphone.

In A Word

Finally, we highly suggest that you choose to think twice prior to making purchase. Never overpay! Sometimes, economical smartphones can also have good features – without the need to pay for the brand tax. So, it’s your decision. Happy hunting! Have a look on .