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This Is Why Pick And Choose AIG Malaysia?

Insurance plan is a wise investment in your future. It can protect you and the loved ones from against accidental injuries and loss through monetary support. With its flexible and well-rounded insurance policies, AIG Malaysia isn’t only one of Malaysia’s finest motor insurance Malaysia carriers; however, it is even the smartest choice for all of your policy needs.

AIG Malaysia provides four key insurance coverage. Home insurance protects your home’s valuables and composition against risks, vehicles insurance protects your cars, travel insurance guards you from accidents while on a trip, and individual accident insurance maintains you against loss incurred in case of an accident. Holiday Insurance policies at AIG Malaysia can cover your medical expenditures or trip cancellations both for local and foreign travel. Also, there is a special insurance policy for students going overseas to study, so you’re able to pursue your educational aspirations without having to be held back by way of the fear of the unexpected.

AIG Malaysia

Some great benefits of AIG’s home insurance coverage include protection in case of any natural disasters, tax assistance for different accommodation in case your home is damaged by way of natural devastation or fire. The insurance plan has the benefit of 24/7 protection, no matter if you away in the office or on a break.

AIG’s vehicles insurance coverage is focused on cover your vehicle against deterioration- including through accidents, fire, or thievery. AIG also provides a fundamental road help service if you’re stranded on the highway, in addition to a range of customisable add-on insurance coverages. Our devoted panel repair workshop gives 12 months of guarantee on all fixes done.

With Personal Accident Insurance, you may supplement every other type of insurance you might actually have. With personal accident insurance, you’re allowed to a cash payout and may claim against multiple insurance covers. This insurance policy comes with 24/7, around the world coverage, so you’re defended wherever and whenever you are. Find a perfect fit for your future presently on motor insurance Malaysia at